Klaus-Dieter Aichele

Regional Association Rheinland-Pfalz/Saarland

Jens Bendfeldt

Regional Association Schleswig-Holstein

Matthias Därr

Regional Association Sachsen-Anhalt

Oliver Engelmayer

Regional Association Bayern

Doris Grabner

Regional Association Bayern

Matthias Luz

Regional Association Thüringen

Michael Horeis

Regional Association Niedersachsen+Bremen

Jens Henningsen

Regional Association Berlin/Brandenburg

Steffen Henrich

Regional Association Hessen

Jörg Homann

Speaker Economy

Ralf Maier

Regional Association Nordrhein-Westfalen

Rajko Radbruch

Regional Association Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Claus Rödding

Regional Association Hamburg

Robert Storch

Regional Association Sachsen

Anna Vogels

Regional Association Berlin/Brandenburg

Ralph Wölffing-Seelig

Regional Association Baden-Württemberg



in progress


Economy Committee: HOAI and Economic Forum 2021

Once again, the Economy Committee met for a virtual session. On 14.12.2020, Jörg Homann, landscape architect from Cologne from club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, introduced himself to the committee members as the newly elected bdla spokesperson for the topic area of economics.

Nachricht · 12.03.2021

Economy Committee: HOAI amendment and reduction of value added tax

The colleagues from the Economy Committee met for a short virtual meeting on 23 June 2020. At the beginning, they informed themselves about the status of the HOAI amendment.

Nachricht · 14.09.2020

Economy Committee: Economic Forum in Kassel on 3 March 2020

The colleagues from the Economy Committee met for a short meeting on 23 September 2019 directly before the bdla seminar "Consequences of the ECJ ruling for the application of the HOAI" in Berlin.

Nachricht · 16.12.2019

Economy Committee: Economic Forum series to be continued

The bdla-AK Ökonomie met on 16 January 2018 under the leadership of the speaker Jens Henningsen in Berlin.

Nachricht · 15.03.2018

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