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Series of events "Climate-appropriate landscape architecture..." Heuchelheim I LGS Fulda

Climate and resource protection in open space

The bdla Landesverband Hessen e.V. and its cooperation partners invites in connection with the "International Days of Nachhaltgkeit 2023" to a series of events with three consecutive modules in the context of the Landesgartenschau Fulda 2023 to an intensive discourse.

Modern landscape architecture has complex tasks to meet the diverse requirements of our ever-changing society. It has the requirement, with in the first place of the planning disciplines, to coin the currents to more climate-fair planning and building. No other discipline combines the resource-conserving use of space and goods across the various planning levels. Starting from spatial planning to object planning, landscape architecture and planning are represented.

The general public, administrations, politics as well as our cooperating disciplines make demands for planning in the sector of landscape and green, which should protect us in the future from the major influences of climate change.

Nachricht · 14. February 2023

Planning offices

In Hessen 49 planning offices were found on Landschaftsarchitektur-heute.de.

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