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Event Series "International Landscape Architecture 2022 - Mobility Change Creates Open Space!" DAM Frankfurt

Does the traffic turnaround offer room for new green?

In our society, personal habits are changing, and forms of mobility are even changing structurally. People stay at home to work and use their bicycles to run errands. People shop online and bring the world into their own four walls. Mobility is changing, into the opposite that was unimaginable until recently: Roads are being dismantled here and there - mostly still experimentally - in favor of individual forms of locomotion.

The public open space then no longer occupied only by road traffic is being developed as an island with comfortable, mostly still temporary quality of stay with greenery. However, new bicycle expressways and mobility hubs that enable the most seamless possible linking of different modes of transportation also require space and are often in competition with the concerns of landscape and nature conservation as well as other desires of society.

The profession of landscape architects is active in an interdisciplinary way with the planning professions to adapt our cities, villages and settlements to these challenges to the built environment and to the requirements of climate change, the energy transition and the resulting change in mobility.

Nachricht · 01. August 2022

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