Projekt PHOENIX – Eine neue Stadtlandschaft – Dreiklang der Stadtentwicklung, Dortmund; Foto: Jutta Sankowski

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Start of the open competition for the Bürgerpark - Neuss Regional Garden Show 2026

At its meeting on September 23, 2022, the Neuss City Council decided to launch an open, single-stage open-space planning ideas and implementation competition for Bürgerpark Neuss. In the competition, landscape architects throughout Europe are called upon to submit individual designs and creative ideas for the State Garden Show 2026. The aim is to obtain a wide range of proposed solutions. The basis is a detailed description of the conditions and the goals for the project; ideas from citizens have also been incorporated into the competition process.

Nachricht · 03. October 2022

nrw.landschaftsarchitektur.preis 2022

The tenth competition of the nrw.landschaftsarchitektur.preis breaks new ground: In addition to the classic object planning, in 2022 conceptual, green planning, landscape planning, urban planning, and climate-impacting projects will also be evaluated.

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