Landscape architecture

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Doberaner Platz Rostock, Realisierung/Foto: Matthias Staubach

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Landscape architects have the economic, technical and professional know-how to realize projects comprehensively and successfully.

You develop plans from design to approval and oversee a project from the first sketch to acceptance. They prepare planting plans and specifications and coordinate all processes. Landscape architects control the quality of workmanship, costs, and schedule in close coordination with clients. They are equally competent in constructional and ecological issues.

Landscape architects play an important role as moderators in interdisciplinary cooperation and public participation. They shape the public discourse in planning processes until their conclusion. Their expertise is just as much in demand in idea and planning competitions as in moderated planning workshops, in which citizens are involved in development and decision-making processes more than ever before.

The technical and legal requirements for projects today are complex. The feasibility of a good idea is often determined by whether this complexity is mastered. Landscape architects therefore play a key role in project, procedure and approval management. With their interdisciplinary competence, they ensure the legally compliant and speedy realization of projects - in project management or as general planners who, as trustees of the client, organize and coordinate the interdisciplinary cooperation of all parties involved.

The range of tasks includes, among others:

  • Project management, conception and control of construction processes
  • Cost and schedule planning (controlling)
  • Consulting and implementation of award procedures
  • Health and safety coordination for construction sites
  • Project, procedure and approval management
  • Citizen participation, conception and control of participation processes
  • Moderation and mediation, conflict management
  • Press and public relations, marketing
  • Preparation and implementation of planning competitions
  • Expert judges for competitions
  • Expert activities and expert reports
  • Advice on subsidies for the public sector and investors
  • Green space management and facility management
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