Education and training

Landscape architects work in a demanding environment with complex professional requirements. The bdla offers support.

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The dynamics of the industry are changing education and training, and the bdla is actively accompanying this development - as a contribution to securing the future of our profession.

Our training programs provide up-to-date knowledge and ensure an intensive professional exchange. At the same time, we are in constant exchange with universities and colleges about the orientation and content of the study programs.

bdla-Pflanzplanertage 2018, Foto: Franziska Husung


Green Basics Academy from April - September 2023

The bdla supports the qualification of lateral entrants or employees trained abroad.

News • 08.02.203

Inspire for the profession

An interview with Marion Linke, bdla spokesperson for training, on the work of the working group, Friday for Future and the initiative to recruit young talent.

News • 11.06.2021

Downloads on Education and training

"Junge Landschaftsarchitektur" Landschaftsarchitekten 2/2021

Aus- und Fortbildung · Jun 2021 · 1.04 MB

"Landschaftsarchitektur studieren" Landschaftsarchitekten 2/2021

Aus- und Fortbildung · Jun 2021 · 0.58 MB

bdla Positionspapier Hochschulausbildung 2021

Aus- und Fortbildung · Feb 2021 · 0.12 MB

bdla Umfrage Studienanfänger und Absolventen 2021

Aus- und Fortbildung · Feb 2021 · 0.13 MB

bdla Liste Studiengänge Landschaftsarchitektur 12/2019

Aus- und Fortbildung · Dec 2019 · 0.05 MB

"Wo bleiben die Studenten?" Landschaftsarchitekten 03/2018

Aus- und Fortbildung · Sep 2018 · 0.33 MB

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