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FridaysForFuture-Kundgebung im Invalidenpark in Berlin am 22. März 2019. Foto: Leonhard Lenz, Wikimedia, Lizenz: CC0 1.0

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Landscape architects make cities, parks and gardens greener and more livable. Discover the green profession with a future - do an internship!

    Get to know a versatile green profession

    If you do your internship at a landscape architecture firm near you, you'll learn about a great, versatile profession. Landscape architects design, for example, the plans for more beautiful playgrounds and schoolyards, for skating rinks and sports facilities. Afterwards, they also manage the construction measures.

    During your internship, you will accompany the professionals in the office and on the construction site - your creative ideas are in demand.

    Big topic: climate, climate change, climate adaptation

    Climate change is a big topic - in society and for landscape architects. You're developing green solutions to help cities and rural areas better adapt to the changing climate. They work to plant more greenery, to grow trees that can get by with little water and still provide us with cooling shade. They plan green roofs and house facades, new parks and bike paths.

    Landscape architects develop green solutions to climate change - be part of it!

    No other green profession is as versatile

    You have the best job prospects and career opportunities. There is room for many skills in landscape architecture offices. Because landscape architects plan and organize many things: Conservation measures, gardens, playgrounds, schoolyards, bike paths, city parks, and they oversee construction sites. In the picture gallery we have compiled some fields of work.

    Landscape architecture is versatile - there is room for many skills!

    Picture gallery: This is what landscape architects plan and design


    More information about the work of landscape architects can be found here.

    Do you want to make the world greener?

    Then do your student internship in a landscape architecture office. On our website you can find many offices and browse through over 2,500 projects.

    The internship was great - and then?

    Landscape architecture is a field of study. You need a high school diploma that gives you the right to study. If you can imagine becoming a landscape architect later, you can find information here on how to continue after school.

    More about the profession can be found here:

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