§ 13b BauGB: SRL and bdla reject new building planning law

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The current government draft for the amendment of the Building Code contains a new § 13b. The introduction of § 13b BauGB is intended to enable settlement expansions adjacent to coherently built-up districts in a simplified procedure in accordance with '§ 13a Bebauungspläne der Innenentwicklung'.

This is in fundamental contradiction to the achievements of sustainable settlement development and its reflection in the BauGB.

SRL and bdla reject the proposals of the government draft on building planning law. In summary, the German urban planners and landscape architects propose for the deliberations in the Bundestag and Bundesrat that Section 13a BauGB be drafted in accordance with the draft bill of 16.06.2016 and that Section 13b BauGB be deleted without replacement.

The two associations are now campaigning in the political arena for a correction of the government draft to be achieved in the upcoming consultations in the Bundestag and Bundesrat.

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