Sub-threshold procurement regulations published

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The Sub-Threshold Procurement Regulations (UVgO) were published on 2 February 2017 and replace VOL/A.

However, the UVgO will only come into force through the revised version of the General Administrative Provisions on Section 55 of the Federal Budget Code and, for the Länder, through the corresponding provisions of Land law.

With regard to professional services, it was possible to achieve a special regulation. The award of professional services below the EU thresholds is not bound to the other provisions of the UVgO in accordance with the special provision of Section 50 UVgO. These services are to be awarded in competition, whereby as much competition is to be created as is possible due to the nature of the business or the special circumstances. The resulting concrete requirements are left to the individual case.

In the legislative process, the bdla was able to achieve that landscape and open space planning was taken into account in the explanatory text to Section 52 UVgO "Implementation of planning competitions".

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