Federal Congress of Professional Associations on "City - Green - Culture" on 30.6. in Berlin

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In conjunction with the 59th German Conference of Heads of Garden Authorities, the Joint Federal Congress of Professional Associations will be held in Berlin on 30 June 2017 in the Visitors' Centre on the grounds of the International Garden Show.

The guiding theme is "City - Green - Culture".

The BMUB's White Paper process and the debate on "green infrastructure" in cities have recently dominated specialist congresses, discussions within and between specialist and professional associations, and the relevant media.

This year's federal congress would now like to focus on the values and functions of urban open spaces, which are often underestimated even in professional discourse:

  • The potential for integration and identification, e.g. of listed sites, also and especially for migrants and refugees,
  • their many, but difficult to measure, services for the well-being in the city,
  • the opportunities for social discourse within municipalities through their free availability and possibilities for co-design.

The organizers - GALK, BBN, BGL, DBG, DGGL, bdla, FLL, IfR, SRL - are looking forward to a conference rich in topics and discussions with participants from municipalities and authorities, landscape architecture and planning offices, GaLaBau and universities.

On Saturday, 1 July 2017, guided tours of the city, including the grounds of the IGA in Berlin-Marzahn, will conclude the event.

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