How much garden does a person need to be happy?

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36 million people have a garden of some kind. How much and what kind of garden they need to be happy was the question explored by Bumillo, alias Dr. Christian Bumeder, who holds a doctorate in literature and is a stage poet.

In his SÜDLICHT roadshow, which was broadcast on BR television on 31 May 2017, the focus was on private and public garden spaces in Munich.

In search of answers, Bumillo visited one of the most beautiful private gardens in Germany, where he met Alexander Koch, landscape architect bdla, Koch Koch, Garten- und LandschaftsArchitekten, who introduced him to his planning philosophy.

And what should a garden look like today that is shared by hundreds or even thousands of people - in other words, a park?
To this end, he got into conversation with Prof. Rainer Schmidt, landscape architect in Munich, who reflected on the relationship between art and public green spaces.

Andrea Gebhard, landscape architect bdla, mahl gebhard konzepte, Munich, "abducted" the moderator into a green jungle between railway tracks in Baumkirchen-Mitte, where Munich's most unusual landscape garden is being created.

"o' planting is" in the community garden on a former barracks site in the middle of Munich. Sociologist Christa Müller gave a lesson in Urban Gardening on site and presenter and viewers learned: A different society is plantable!

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