Results of the housing summit of the federal government for landscape architects

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On September 21, 2018, the federal government held its "Housing Summit."

A package of measures was agreed for a comprehensive housing offensive with 1.5 million new homes in Germany.

In summary, the Federal Government stated: "Together we will ensure good framework conditions for the construction and purchase of housing. In addition to support programmes for the creation of affordable housing, we will mobilise more building land and reduce construction costs, e.g. by promoting serial and modular construction methods, the use of digital methods and the development of cost-effective and reliable building technology. In doing so, we will take into account the goals of sustainable construction."

From the perspective of landscape architects, the following points, among others, are particularly noteworthy:

  • An expert commission is to present proposals on sustainable building land mobilization and land policy by mid-2019.
  • Various changes are planned in the building code. For this purpose, an expert commission is to develop proposals, which the BMI is then to transfer into a law in the short term. Specifically named are the introduction of a new type of development plan, an easing of approval for housing construction projects in development plan areas (§ 31) and in external areas.
  • The sale of public real estate at a reduced price and the making available of BImA land for municipal housing construction, among other things.
  • The law on the awarding of building contracts is to be made more flexible.
  • The follow-up costs of regulation and standardisation are to be reviewed and reduced.

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