Coalition agreement of the Grand Coalition

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On 7 February 2018, the CDU/CSU and SPD presented a coalition agreement for the grand coalition.

After the positive vote of the SPD members, the federal government will start its work. What do landscape architects and the bdla have to prepare for?

We have read the 177-page coalition agreement for you and evaluated it from the perspective of the profession. On four pages, the essential stipulations are listed which directly and particularly affect landscape architects, landscape architecture and the future activities of the bdla. We have underlined important thematic keywords in the coalition agreement for you to read quickly.

The coalition agreement contains, not surprisingly, a number of well-known political fields of action. For example, it deals with the flexibilisation and volume of future urban development funding. The implementation of the White Paper on Urban Greening is addressed. As usual, planning law is to be changed and planning accelerated. Rural development is emphasised comparatively strongly. HOAI is politically supported, BIM is to be introduced more. The Federal Compensation Ordinance is also back on the agenda.

After this initial evaluation, positions are now being discussed and activities defined in the bdla. A first parliamentary evening will take place in Berlin in April 2018.

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