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The year 2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The focus is on the communal and unifying aspects of European culture.

Under the motto "Sharing Heritage", historical places, buildings, monuments and landscapes are in the spotlight as much as customs and languages.

The bdla has dedicated the 1/2018 issue of its magazine "Landschaftsarchitekten" to this initiative of the European Commission. On 19 pages, renowned authors comment on the idea and the potential of the theme year, and landscape architects outline their planning approach to historical heritage in places and landscapes, in parks and cemeteries, in housing estates and industrial wastelands.

All these contributions make one thing clear: "Culture today is the real opportunity for a united Europe! Thus formulated by Olaf Zimmermann, Executive Director of the German Cultural Council, at the congress "The European City and its Heritage" in December 2017. He expressed the conviction that "in the European Heritage Year and beyond, it will become clear that culture is an important bracket in Europe today. A bracket that is lived by people and becomes recognisable and communicable through heritage." Landscape architects are making their contribution to this.

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