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In its latest online exhibition "Climate Adaptation" on the web portal, the bdla presents 14 exemplary projects for adaptation to climate change.

The range of open spaces covered is wide; from climate-optimised city squares to new urban quarters and regional cultural landscapes.

The presented planning diversity of adaptation measures is no less remarkable: evaporation and runoff reduction on the building site, function and interaction of our urban trees, precautionary measures in case of torrential rainfall in the urban area, the storage function of re-wetted fens.

Climate adaptation requires innovative concepts, convincing communication and the qualified implementation of measures. Landscape architects are successfully meeting this challenge. And while climate protection, i.e. the reduction of greenhouse gases, has a global effect, climate adaptation measures are particularly significant in regional and municipal implementation.

Landscape architects take responsibility for successful climate adaptation with their projects: the green square in the city, appropriate redensification, near-natural water retention, the exciting landscape development concept.

The fields of action are wide-ranging. Whether it is agriculture or forestry, nature conservation, health, tourism, urban planning, the design of green spaces and residential areas, or energy management, the effects of climate change can be reduced through targeted strategies and measures. Climate adaptation measures have the potential to make an effective contribution to climate protection and building cultural quality.

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