DIN 276:2018-12: Everything new...?

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Amendment with changes in cost planning for outdoor and outdoor facilities. The normative basis for cost planning is DIN 276, and the current version of the standard - DIN276:2018-12 "Costs in construction" - was published in December 2018. The new version also has an impact on the planning and monitoring of outdoor facilities.

The new DIN also has an impact on performance obligations and contracts for work and services.

Klaus-Dieter Aichele

The structural changes resulting from the integration of civil engineering structures and traffic facilities into the cost groups (KG) 300 400 as well as the conversion of KG 500, based on KG 300, to a classification that follows structural considerations, also result in numerous innovations for the cost planning of "outdoor facilities and open spaces", the main features of which will be explained below.

The amendment of DIN 276 also raises questions. On the one hand, with regard to the allocation of the services of roof, façade and interior greening as objects of outdoor facilities. On the other hand, which version of DIN 276 will be used in the future to determine the construction costs as well as the chargeable costs as a basis for the remuneration of these services. In addition, it will have to be clarified what effects the introduction of a new cost determination step and the increase in the required determination accuracy will have on the performance obligations to be agreed in the contract for work and services and their remuneration.


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