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By Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Rohler

"Green" engineering courses extremely differentiated. Number of applicants stagnating.

The training working group of the bdla regularly looks at the new first-semester numbers at the universities. The times when an admission restriction meant that you either had to have an average grade of 1.3 or better or wait several years to study landscape architecture are long gone. For several years now, there have been repeated reports of declining numbers of applicants and, more importantly, enrollments in landscape architecture as a field of study.

The number of tasks for which landscape architects are urgently needed is growing.

At the same time, municipalities and landscape architecture firms are desperately looking for qualified graduates. In many public administrations a generation change will take place in the next few years, and in the independent offices the order situation is extraordinarily good. Due to low interest rates and an economy that is still going well, there is no end in sight to this development (at least not yet). At the same time, the number of tasks for which landscape architects are urgently needed is growing (climate adaptation, flood protection, redensification, ... ).

What are the reasons for the partly declining and overall stagnating number of first-year students? Are application and enrolment numbers really falling? And if so, to what extent/relationship is this to other degree programs?

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