New publication AHO booklet 11 "Services Building Information Modeling".

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The digitalization of planning and construction is a central topic for the coming years.

This includes the introduction and further development of BIM for all planning and construction disciplines.

The new AHO booklet No. 11 "Services Building Information Modeling" serves as a template for the practical application of the BIM method and clarifies the fundamental compatibility of BIM and HOAI in the planning process. By differentiating between basic services and special services, it provides orientation for the commissioning and remuneration of BIM in individual cases.

The core of this booklet is the chapter "HOAI service profiles/BIM services and model detail levels" with a detailed, tabular list of BIM-specific services in comparison to the previously defined basic services of the HOAI as well as additional special services.

In this context, the services to be rendered within the scope of the basic services and the special BIM services are listed for each service phase in the service specifications for building and interior design, civil engineering, structural design and technical equipment, and recommendations are made for the fees for the latter. The specific services of landscape architects are not yet covered.

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