Association of German Architects calls for a radical departure from the idea of growth

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At the 15th BDA Day in Halle (Saale), the Association of German Architects adopted a programmatic call for a paradigm shift in architecture and construction with the position paper " The House of the Earth".

In ten points, the paper pleads for a turn away from the idea of growth and calls on architects and urban planners to stand up for an understanding of life with a focus on reusing, repurposing, reusing and sharing.
Among other things, it calls for all materials used to be fully reusable or compostable.

These include:

  • The "intelligence of the simple" must replace technical upgrades to "smart buildings".
  • Priority must be given to preserving what already exists over frivolous demolition.
  • All materials used must be fully recyclable or compostable.
  • The elimination of carbon-based materials and fossil fuels in construction takes the place of energy efficiency.
  • Mobility must be understood as a conceptual and design task for architects and urban planners.
  • The polycentricity that has grown up in Germany must be strengthened.
  • A culture of experimentation and political experimental spaces should help to test ideas and proposals for climate-friendly lifestyles and behaviour.
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