Federal government decides on housing and rent package - bdla rejects extension of § 13b BauBG

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In August 2019, the Federal Government adopted a housing and rent package. Additional funds of €100 million are planned for an investment pact to reactivate brownfield sites.

At the same time, a bill to amend the Building Code (BauBG) is to be presented by the end of 2019, based on the recommendations of the Building Land Commission.

Among other things, an extension of § 13b BauBG is planned, which the bdla firmly rejects. The reasons have bdla Presidium member Gudrun Rentsch also in political discussions explained.

Urbanistic and ecological undesirable developments in the rural area

With the § 13b BauBG by no means the goal is reached of creating favorable dwellings by compressed, surface-saving and lasting building, where the lack of dwelling is largest: in the agglomerations and city surrounding countryside areas. On the contrary, constructional undesirable developments at the edges of settlements in rural regions are further promoted - to the detriment of inner development and a revitalisation of the town centres.

Section 13b BauGB thus makes a not inconsiderable contribution to the permanent loss of biodiversity and the continuing high use of land and unsealed soil. In addition, it is in clear contradiction to objectives and regulations at European and national level.

bdla firmly rejects extension of § 13b BauBG

Gudrun Rentsch: "The bdla firmly rejects an extension of § 13b. What is needed are effective and sustainable strategies to meet the urgent need for housing, as well as suitable steering instruments for sustainable, resource-conserving and socially acceptable construction."

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