New urban development funding decided

Ortszentrum Lüdenscheid, Foto: Petra Klawikowski, Wikimedia Commons, Lizenz: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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The federal and state governments have agreed on a new structure for urban development funding from 2020. In future, funding will be concentrated on three programmes instead of the previous six.

New funding requirement: climate protection, climate adaptation, green infrastructure

With the reorganisation, the "Zukunft Stadtgrün" programme is finally history. However, it was possible to rewrite the eligibility criteria (§ 3): Measures for climate protection or adaptation to climate change, in particular for the improvement of green infrastructure (for example, the urban green), must now be taken into account in all three funding pillars. The "Future Urban Greening" programme has been practically absorbed into these measures as a funding requirement.

New structure of urban development funding

Urban development funding will be continued from 2020 with federal funding of EUR 790 million. The funds will be divided among the new three programmes:

  • Living centres - preservation and development of town and city centres (e.g. for the preservation and further development of inner-city public spaces such as streets, paths, squares, green spaces, renewal of existing buildings)
  • Social cohesion - shaping life together in the neighbourhood (e.g. for improving housing and living conditions, including by upgrading and adapting the residential environment and public space).
  • Growth and sustainable renewal - designing liveable neighbourhoods (e.g. for measures of water-sensitive urban and open space planning and for reducing the heat island effect)

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