BAK survey: 80 planning offices affected by the Corona pandemic

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A joint survey by the Federal Chamber of Architects and the Federal Chamber of Engineers shows that architectural firms are preparing for difficult economic times against the background of the Corona pandemic and its restrictions. Over 6,000 architects from all disciplines took part in the survey.

Situation in landscape architecture comparatively better

More than three quarters of the respondents already feel the negative consequences of the Corona pandemic, one third even clearly negative. Fortunately, the assessment among landscape architects is significantly better. Nevertheless, 19 of the surveyed landscape architecture firms state clearly negative consequences, 57% at least slightly negative. The main problems cited were cancelled or postponed orders, delays in the approval process and disruptions on the construction site.

In the economic view, liquidity problems are emerging in the 2nd half of 2020. This is expected by 51 architectural firms of all disciplines, but only by 27 landscape architecture firms.

It was also surveyed which concrete measures the planning offices have already initiated and whether financial aid has been applied for and/or is required. Here, too, the situation is noticeably better among landscape architects than among all the disciplines. Nevertheless, a good quarter of the landscape architecture firms state that they need financial support.

The most important results of the survey in relation to the disciplines of architecture are summarised in the current press release of the Federal Chamber of Archite cts. A detailed evaluation of the responses of the architects surveyed is worth reading here.

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