Petition to delete §13b BauGB started

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In its statement on the Building Land Mobilisation Act of 1 July 2020, the bdla already vehemently opposed an extension of Section 13b BauGB. This was done in broad agreement with practically all professional, planning and environmental associations. Currently, NABU has started an online petition to the German Bundestag demanding that §13b BauGB be deleted from the draft law.

Section 13b of the German Building Code (BauGB), which was introduced in 2017 and was limited until the end of 2019, creates residential areas on greenfield sites using the accelerated procedure. In the process, early citizen participation, environmental concerns and sustainable settlement development are largely undermined. At the same time, Section 13b has not achieved what was originally intended, as a study by the Federal Environment Agency states: "However, the objectives associated with the introduction of Section 13b BauGB by the legislature, namely to create substantially new housing land to alleviate the existing housing shortage in growing municipalities with tight housing markets, have not been achieved. [...] Moreover, the procedures are in part associated with extensive interventions in the natural balance, among other things through the use of structurally rich and ecologically valuable edge-of-town structures. In the procedures, essential elements for securing the material and procedural quality of development planning are rendered inoperative by the abandonment of environmental assessment and impact regulation." (Federal Environment Agency, Texts 93/2020).

NABU asks for support or subscription to the online petition.

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