Statement on the planned insect protection law

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At the end of September 2020, the Federal Ministry for the Environment presented the draft bill for a law to protect insect diversity in Germany, the Insect Protection Act for short. The law serves to implement the "Insect Protection Action Programme - Working Together Effectively to Combat Insect Extinction", which was adopted by the Federal Cabinet last year.

With the draft law, the Federal Government is making a welcome attempt to contribute to insect protection. The bdla agrees with a number of proposed regulations, in particular those aimed at curbing light pollution.

The bdla is vehemently opposed to the new regulation proposed in § 11 para. 7 BNatschG, according to which green space plans can also be designated as landscape management plans or open space design plans.

The proposal is superfluous from a legal point of view and misleading, inadequate and counterproductive from a technical perspective. Instead of equating the two, a clear distinction should be made between a green space management plan associated with the development plan, on the one hand, and an open space design plan associated with the building plot, on the other, often referred to as an open space design plan, which essentially involves the design and equipment of the open spaces of built-up plots.

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