Corona pandemic: Situation among landscape architects comparatively good

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In November, the third joint survey of the Federal Chamber of Architects and the Federal Chamber of Engineers on the economic impact of the Corona pandemic on architecture and engineering offices took place. 4,603 planning offices participated, including 2,702 architectural offices. After the office owners looked to the future with great concern in April 2020, the assessment of the current situation as well as the outlook has improved significantly. Nevertheless, the situation remains tense, with as many as 35 of the survey participants stating negative economic consequences. The situation for landscape architects is apparently significantly better than for the other three architectural disciplines, as 73 offices report NO negative effects.

The main problems among those landscape architects who feel negative effects are falling turnover (18 er respondents), current or future under-utilisation of staff (15%) and impending liquidity problems (10%). 13 er LA firms are in need of financial assistance, and only 3% have applied for short-time work. In the totality of all architectural disciplines, these two values are significantly worse (i.e. higher) and lie at 21 and 7% respectively.

The comparatively good situation among landscape architects is also evident from the fact that the rate of those who fear giving up their planning office as a result of the pandemic is the lowest at 2 m is the lowest. Nevertheless, 38 of the offices expect a decline in the order situation in the coming 12 months, especially with regard to public contracts.

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