IFLA President's Award presented to Professor Fritz Auweck

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Professor Fritz Auweck, bdla International Spokesperson and long-time representative of Germany at IFLA, was awarded the IFLA President's Award 2021 for his outstanding international services to the profession.

Andrea Gebhard, President of the Federal Chamber of Architects, presents the award to Fritz Auweck. Photo: BAK/IFLA

On August 18, 2021, IFLA President James Hayter announced the decision during the opening ceremony of the IFLA World Congress 2020 in Malaysia. In a virtual ceremony, Andrea Gebhard, president of the German Federal Chamber of Architects, presented the certificate.

Fritz's dedication, his integrity and passion for landscape architecture globally is exemplary and has resulted in great benefit to the profession.

IFLA World

The IFLA President's Award is presented in recognition of an outstanding personality who has fundamentally changed the profession of landscape architecture worldwide through his or her voluntary commitment within IFLA.

Fritz Auweck, landscape architect bdla and professor at the Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences from 1985 to 2019, has been the delegate of German landscape architects in IFLA since 1994. From 2009 to 2010, he was president of IFLA Europe. Since 2018, he has chaired the IFLA working group developing a new, globally valid definition of the profession of landscape architecture and coordinated the results with the International Labor Organization ILO.

We are pleased, also on behalf of the bdla, that the IFLA President's Award 2021 will be presented to our highly esteemed member and IFLA delegate Professor Fritz Auweck. This is also a great honor for the BAK.

Andrea Gebhard
President of the BAK
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