Newly published: AHO Booklet 10 on GIS Services - Service Phases by Subject with Fee Zones and Fee Tables

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GIS services are indispensable as instruments of object and area planning, regional planning, infrastructure and for all other specialized planning. Neither in the currently valid HOAI nor in the previous fee schedules are or were these intellectually creative engineering services regulated.

In the updated Booklet 10, standard services (comparable to the basic services of the HOAI) and optional services (comparable to the special services of the HOAI) are defined for a total of seven specialist topics in six service phases each. These are the following specialist topics, subdivided according to service phases:

  • Spatial data infrastructure
  • Regional planning / urban land use planning / urban development
  • Environmental and landscape planning
  • Infrastructure traffic facilities - road
  • Infrastructure pipe networks - water supply
  • Infrastructure pipe networks - drainage systems (sewer)
  • Infrastructure pipeline networks - supply networks (electricity, gas, telecommunications)

Furthermore, for the first time, fee zones and the corresponding fee tables for GIS services are published for orientation purposes, depending on GIS-specific standard services.

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