Future Day on April 27, 2023: Girls'Day and Boys'Day in the Landscape Architecture Office

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Getting to know the employees of tomorrow

The shortage of skilled workers is also worsening in landscape architecture. And it is still necessary to close a knowledge gap about our profession and to sensitize generations Z and A to the concerns of climate change as well as sustainability.

Girls'Day/Girls' Future Day and Boys'Day/Boys' Future Day - nationwide on April 27, 2023 - offer young people the opportunity to "get a taste" of everyday working life for a day. Offices can benefit on this day in terms of promoting young talent and introducethemselves in a targeted manner as experts in climate change.

© GREENBOX Landscape Architects. Photo Nikolai Benner, Kassel

And taking part is easy - for both sides. The platforms and , which are promoted by renowned institutions such as the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, the Federal Employment Agency and the Federal Parents' Council, are intuitive to use. They ensure all communication from the offer to the certificate of participation, and insurance issues and aspects of data protection are also taken care of.

Introduce young people to landscape architecture on April 27, 2023.

And how? There are a few suggestions for this under Girls'Day / Boys'Day in your landscape architecture office.

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