Recommendations for sustainable housing and urban development

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The Federal Environment Agency (UBA), together with the Commission for Sustainable Building (KNBau), has published a study entitled "Protecting the Environment and Climate - Creating Housing - Improving Quality of Life". Construction Minister Clara Geywitz and Environment Minister Steffi Lemke presented the study for sustainable housing and urban development to the public.

The position paper presents recommendations for the creation of affordable housing that is environmentally, climate and resource friendly, and at the same time climate-adapted, health and socially compatible. The recommendations are primarily addressed to federal policy-makers, especially the departments of building and urban development, environment, climate protection, transport and health.

The focus of the study is on land consumption by the construction industry, which is to be avoided. Housing creation and land saving must be thought of together. To achieve the proposed goals, the UBA and KNBau recommend the use of existing buildings, including renovation, conversion and further construction. This also requires an adjustment of the legal basis, such as the model building code, the building code and technical standards. Further measures such as a solar panel obligation and the greening of roofs and buildings, the recycling and production of climate-friendly building materials, and the development and acceleration of green water-sensitive cities, in the course of triple internal development, are recommended.

The recommendations are underpinned by concrete proposals for action, such as strengthening green space planning and the introduction of a mandatory open space design plan with the building application, which has long been called for by the bdla.

Further information is available on the website of the Federal Environment Agency can be found.

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