DWA Alliance 'Together for water-conscious urban development!

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On the initiative of the German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA), the bdla and other associations, science and organizations are working together in the alliance, 'Together for water-conscious urban development ', to drive the issue forward and move more quickly into large-scale implementation.

Climate change is already measurable and perceptible in Germany, too, and has serious consequences for cities and communities in particular. Heavy rainfall, prolonged dry spells and hot days with tropical nights must be safely managed and people protected. Green-blue infrastructure is the key building block. Evaporative cooling through urban greenery and water features can reduce temperatures by up to three degrees, significantly alleviating heat stress. The corresponding measures for water-conscious urban development are technically feasible, make economic sense and significantly increase the quality of life in cities; this has been impressively demonstrated in numerous pilot projects. What is still missing, however, is nationwide and comprehensive implementation. This is exactly where the alliance 'Together for water-conscious urban development' comes in. Concepts are being developed jointly, politicians and citizens are being persuaded, and we are working together for climate-adapted and livable cities.

In the context of a conference "water-conscious urban development" in Osnabrück on September 28/29, 2023, under the auspices of the DWA, all stakeholders involved can enter into discussion. The aim of the conference is to bring political decision-makers together with representatives from associations, science and practice and to jointly develop perspectives for successful planning and implementation of the water-conscious city of the future. Urban and regional planning, water management, traffic planning and landscape architecture are just as much in demand as the perspectives of investors and those who want to become investors - only together can we succeed in further developing our cities in a climate-conscious and livable way. Further information on the conference and the declared agreements and goals of the alliance can be found here.

Further information on the DWA Alliance

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