Natural Climate Protection Action Program: first funding provided

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As part of the Natural Climate Action Program (ANK), two funding measures were launched in mid-July.

The funding guideline "Natural climate protection in municipal areas in rural regions" is aimed at municipalities and municipal special-purpose associations. With a total of up to €100 million, the state of ecosystems is to be significantly improved, thus making a lasting contribution to climate protection. These include:

  • Measures for the near-natural and biodiversity-promoting greening of villages and towns in rural regions.
  • The ecological upgrading, networking or renaturation of areas in the open countryside that are to be used extensively.
  • Creation of roadsides and borders with hedges, copses and avenues in towns and the open countryside.
  • Measures for water retention in the landscape and for the renaturation of flowing and still waters.
  • The unsealing of soils to restore natural soil functions.

It is advantageous if the projects also contribute to adaptation to the consequences of the climate crisis. Municipalities and (inter)municipal special-purpose associations are eligible to apply. Cooperation projects involving the merger of several municipalities or special-purpose associations that are eligible to apply can also participate. Outline submissions are possible from 01.08.-30.09.2023. The formal application phase will then begin, so that the first funding measures can be approved at the beginning of 2024. The actual selection for funding will be made in a two-stage selection process. Further information on the submission of outlines and the application process can be found here...

The second funding possibility within the framework of the ANK is the funding offer of the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUV) for "Measures of natural climate protection in companies". The BMUV provides up to €50 million annually for this purpose. The funding offer will be integrated as a new funding module into the already established KfW environmental program. In future, commercial companies of all sizes with a majority private shareholding will be supported by a subsidized loan linked to a repayment subsidy to make company premises more natural, attractive and climate-resistant through greening, unsealing and decentralized precipitation management. Application forms and further information can be found on the website of the KfW website. General information on the Natural Climate Protection Action Program can be found here available here.

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