„The Movers of Tomorrow?“

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Allianz Foundation's Next-Generation Engagement Study: How young adults in Europe are shaping the future

According to a study by the Allianz Foundation, for which 10,000 young adults between the ages of 18 and 39 in Germany, Greece, the UK, Italy and Poland were surveyed, many young Europeans expect society to become more unfair, insecure and divided in the future.

"Young people in Germany and Europe are in a kind of 'waiting room for the future'," says Esra Kücük, Director of the Allianz Foundation, commenting on the results of the study. A good half of those surveyed are prepared to make an even greater commitment to a fair and green future. However, the young generation is unsure who will lead society into a safe, fair and climate-friendly future. In Germany, less than a third believe that their country will have significantly more forward-looking policies in the next ten years than it does today.

Allianz Foundation

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hurrelmann, youth researcher and member of the study advisory board, on the needs of Generations Z and Y: "Conventional offers such as party membership are only attractive to very few of them. They want to make a direct impact and want flexible and personal forms of engagement."

As different as the economic, political and social conditions in Europe are, the young adults are in agreement: Almost three quarters of respondents consider a robust welfare state, stable prices and a strong social safety net to be the most important building blocks of a sustainable society. 52% are also of the opinion that equal opportunities and climate and environmental protection are at least as important.

Allianz Foundation Next Generations Study 2023 "The movers and shakers of tomorrow?" (English)

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