Landscape architecture - planning for people and nature

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Film presentation of the profession's fields of activity and its objectives

"Everything seems to be nature, so happily is art hidden." - So writes Christian Cay Lorenz Hirschfeld (1742 - 1792) in his "Theory of Garden Art" about the Schönbusch landscape garden near Aschaffenburg. Today, garden art has a scientific name: Landscape architecture. And if you watch the film "Landscape Architecture - Planning for People and Nature", you will see that this saying is universally valid.

Landschaftsarchitektur – Planen für Mensch und Natur

The three-minute film, a project by the bdla regional associations of Baden-Württemberg and Hesse, provides an insight into the profession. Landscape architects design liveable, creative and innovative contemporary concepts for cities, urban and rural open spaces, green-blue infrastructures, parks and gardens, living and working environments. Growing building materials, trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses are a unique selling point in the construction industry, ensuring an ecological connection to nature and the environment, to soil, water, flora and fauna.

There are always new challenges for landscape architecture and its protagonists: Climate change, energy transition, species extinction, scarcity of resources, ... However, the strength of the profession lies in the excellent way in which it combines ecology and technology with creativity and aesthetics with the aim of creating resilient, sustainable open spaces for a diverse society.

Political and social values have changed, the world of tomorrow will be more landscape architectural

Prof. Stephan Lenzen
bdla President

Together with the team of Manuel Rueda, video freelancer from Siegen, an appealing, informative video clip has been created with the cinematic presentation of numerous projects with excellent aesthetic solutions from the field of landscape architecture, open space and landscape planning.

The film can also be viewed on YouTube and is available to bdla members for download and further use.

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