Landscape architecture firms take a positive view of their business situation

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According to the latest business survey conducted by the German Federal Chamber of Architects among its freelance members, landscape architecture is once again performing above average compared to architecture, interior design and urban planning. 65% of the landscape architects surveyed rated the business situation as good.

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In comparison, 50% of urban planners, 39% of architects and only 33% of interior designers speak of a good business situation. There are also major differences in terms of office capacity utilization - 48% of LA offices even consider themselves to be overloaded, while 31% consider themselves to be working at full capacity - among architecture offices, 29% are overloaded and 30% are working at full capacity. The comparatively better situation of landscape architects is also reflected in the development of orders. Here, depending on the field of activity, a maximum of 33% of respondents are facing a decline in orders. Among architects and interior designers, the highest percentages are over 60%, depending on the type of building. There is one dampener: despite the currently positive self-assessment, 42% of the LA sector expects the situation to deteriorate in the future.

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