The new beautiful - inside, outside and beyond

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bdla association magazine in a new layout

Issue 1 of 2024 deals with the transformation of landscapes under the heading "THE NEW BEAUTIFUL". Executive Committee member Prof. Dr. Antje Backhaus describes it as follows: "We need to move towards a resilient, resilient design that focuses on (bio)diversity."

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Focusing on diversity - this also applies to the bdla association magazine "landschaftsarchitekt:innen". Diversity "in" the title and diversity in the appearance: modern layout, recycled paper, easy-to-read typography and ultimately an attractive format - a successful transformation.

We create outstanding, valuable, ecological open spaces and very often resolve the duality of aesthetics and ecology. But: we should/must talk and write more about it.

Prof. Stephan Lenzen
in landschaftsarchitekt:innen 1/2024

The transformation of landscapes, resilient design, new aesthetics - the new beauty in landscape architecture will be a recurring theme in future issues of the magazine.

For those interested, here is a look at the table of contents; orders can be placed with bdla or Patzer Verlag.

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