Working Group on Building Technology and Standards: Standards work and anniversary preparations

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On September 22, 2022, bdla spokesman Tom Kirsten convened an online meeting of the working group. In addition to the reports from the individual rules committees with bdla delegation, the focus was also on the concrete design of the 25th Construction Manager Talks on 20/21 January 2023 in Bochum.

With regard to the work on rules and regulations, it can be noted, among other things, that the DWA worksheet A138 "Infiltration systems" is unfortunately still not available as a white print. On a positive note, Tom Kirsten is now present as a bdla representative in the DWA working group "Multifunctional Surfaces". In addition, the FLL working group "Tree Planting Part 2" was newly constituted, which will deal with requirements for tree trenches, among other things. In addition, there was a lively exchange of technical information in the FLL Rules and Regulations Committees "Additional Technical Terms of Contract ZTV-Pflanzarbeiten" and "TL Kunststoffe".

Two top-class panels are planned for the anniversary construction manager talks on Friday afternoon. In addition to a historical outline, which will be taken over by the "founding fathers" of the event, a second panel will take a complementary look into the future: Current and emerging challenges against the backdrop of climate adaptation, multifunctionality of areas, reduction, conversion culture, as well as innovative approaches to the use of resources and materials will also be highlighted to a sufficient extent.

It is planned, on the basis of practical examples, to arrange the second panel interactively.bdla president Prof. Stephan Lenzen as well as bdla-speaker Tom Kirsten take over the moderation in each case. "These discussion rounds are framed by various lectures on Friday and Saturday, which are to reflect the whole range of topics for the building contractors. The two-day event will be rounded off by a series of illustrative project and works excursions to the region.

Source: bdla association magazine "Landschaftsarchitekten" 4/2022

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