Working group on education: Study in Dresden

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In order to conduct an intensive dialogue with the TU Dresden and the HTW Dresden, the members of the AK Ausbildungswesen met in the Saxon metropolis on the Elbe on 2 and 3 November 2018.

On the part of the TU Dresden, the four university professors Marcus Köhler, Anna Viader Soler, Irene Lohaus and Catrin Schmidt as well as academic staff took part. The Institute of Landscape Architecture and the courses of study were discussed. It is pleasing that next year, for example, a junior professorship in plant use will be established. The subject spokespersons encouraged the responsible persons with regard to the goal of continuing to offer an integrated landscape architecture course. In a feedback letter, the bdla will comment, among other things, on the improvements in learning content and overload.

The large changes at the HTW Dresden presented the professors Henning Günther and Ulrich Walz. The course of studies Landscape and Open Space Development (B.Sc.) will be discontinued; this training location for landscape architects is thus history. It will be replaced by the consecutive courses of study Environmental Monitoring (B.Sc.) and Landscape Development (M.Sc.). One of the issues discussed was the specialist orientation of the Landscape Development course, which is predominantly science-analytically oriented.

For the sake of completeness, the various other activities of the working group members that were discussed in Dresden should also be mentioned: the participation in ASAP and HKL, the supervision of the Landscape Architecture Students Conference LASKO, the relaunch of with the specific sections "Education and Training" and "Studies".

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