Committee International Affairs: Professional qualification of English-speaking young academics

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On 20 November 2019, the members of the International Affairs Committee met for the third meeting at the bdla national office.

Speaker and head of the Committee Prof. Fritz Auweck was pleased that a growing group of committed colleagues is dedicated to the international issues of the profession. However, interested bdla colleagues are still welcome to participate.

One topic was the professional qualification of English-speaking graduates and the recruitment of students from abroad. For this preliminary work of some university teachers was present. The topic received special meaning again by the closed meeting of the bdla to the topic new generation promotion and the focal point developed from it.

In the discussion two interesting points peeled themselves out:

  1. By the future offer of English-language Bachelor courses of studies at German universities a new potential for the German job market, quantitatively as qualitatively, could be opened. The necessary German language skills can already be acquired during the course of studies through language courses.
  2. In order to qualify young people who have completed their studies abroad for the German labour market, it was suggested that so-called "conversation courses" be offered at universities. In addition to teaching the language, this could also include important content on German professional practice. For the realization of the idea a research project would be suitable, in which the bdla would participate as a partner; lead partner should be a university.

Both points are carried by Professor Gerd Bischoff into the university conference landscape and into the AK training of the bdla.

Among the many other points of discussion were the results of the IFLA World and European Conferences, the ongoing reform of the Leipzig Charter, the German EU Presidency 2020 and the ILO's international definitions of professions.

Source: bdla association magazine "Landschaftsarchitekten" 1/2020

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