Urban Development and Open Space Planning Committee: Green in the Pandemic

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The meeting of the Urban Development and Open Space Planning Committee took place 26.03.2021 online. Topics included the bdla campaign "We shape climate" and the bdla workshop on climate adaptation.

Together with the Technical University of Munich and in cooperation with other partners, the bdla is developing a training course for 25 June 2021. In order to determine the need for further training in the planning offices, interview questions were discussed within the Urban Development and Open Space Planning Committee.

Furthermore, the topic of multicoded urban movement spaces was taken up again. bdla speaker Prof. Ulrike Böhm presented a summary of a conference of the BMU on urban movement spaces. The committee continues to deal with the topic, as a necessity is seen with regard to the current pandemic situation. In connection with this, a bdla working group will be set up at federal level to further address the topic of sports and exercise spaces.

The committee has also produced a text on the subject of green space maintenance and budgets in the Corona pandemic (see p. 33), which is addressed to municipalities, green space office managers and members of parliament with the appeal to allocate more money to municipal budgets for the maintenance of green spaces, but also for their expansion. The pandemic significantly increases the number of visitors to urban green spaces. Green spaces provide necessary relief in tight housing conditions. Thus, especially dense and disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods must be provided with sufficient green spaces.

Furthermore, the contents and objectives of the first successful meeting of the committee on open space design plan, which deals with the implementation of the qualified open space design plan in the model building code and the state building codes, as well as the building submission authorization for landscape architects, were explained.

Source: bdla association magazine "Landschaftsarchitekten" 2/2021

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