Executive Committee meeting: Climate adaptation as a field of action

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On 29 August 2019, the Executive Committee met for its regular meeting in Berlin and had the expert speakers Prof. Ulrike Böhm (Urban Development

The central item on the agenda was "climate adaptation" as a field of activity for landscape architects and as a strategic challenge for the professional association.

There was agreement that, in principle, three target areas are at stake for the bdla: sovereignty of interpretation for "climate adaptation": definition of criteria, measures and quality standards; support of members in the expansion of competences at all levels, from the preparation of master plans/climate adaptation concepts to implementation; communication of the specific competences of landscape architects to clients and in politics.

In a concept paper on the topic of "climate adaptation" it is formulated that the topic will be further discussed with all other bodies and organs of the bdla in order to develop an overall strategy for the association.

Of course, the HOAI ruling of the European Court of Justice was also discussed. According to current knowledge, the HOAI is to be maintained in principle, but adapted to the requirements of the ruling. To this end, the Federal Ministry of Economics will examine the ruling in detail and consult other federal ministries, the federal states and the municipal umbrella organisations as well as the professional associations and the chambers in order to subsequently prepare a proposal for necessary amendments to the HOAI in coordination with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Home Affairs and other federal ministries.

The Executive Committee is monitoring the situation following the HOAI ruling and will remain active in the networks of the planners' associations. The presidency discussed in this connection also the tasks to the topic subliminal assignment.

Source: bdla association magazine "Landschaftsarchitekten" 4/2019

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