Executive committee meeting: Pandemic and shortage of skilled workers/trainee concept

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The six-member bdla Executive committee met on 28 May 2020 for the first hybrid meeting in the history of the bdla.

Initially, the consequences of the pandemic for the profession were discussed; fortunately, according to this study, the all-clear could be given for most planning offices. The industry is doing comparatively well. The same applies to the bdla, although the large field of activity "advanced training" is to a large extent on ice.

Consequently, the executive committee has nevertheless decided to give priority to infection control and the well-being of its honorary members and not to hold any major events in 2020. An exception is the BIM workshop for members on 1 October 2020 in Frankfurt am Main with 25 participants, from which important impulses for a BIM work programme are hoped.

The Executive Committee dealt in detail with a nationwide controversy about the need for the establishment of new training locations. There were different opinions in the bdla-AK Ausbildungswesen, but also in the Hochschulkonferenz Landschaft. On the other hand, the bdla North Rhine-Westphalia and almost all other associations had spoken out in favour of an additional study offer - specifically in Wuppertal. The presidium members confirmed their position that despite the different positions a collegial exchange is necessary also and particularly in the bdla. As a first step, a direct dialogue with the colleagues of the University of Applied Sciences Höxter was agreed upon. The executive committee is of the opinion that in a densely populated federal state such as North Rhine-Westphalia - analogous to Bavaria - there can be two places of study, also in view of the shortage of skilled workers in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region with around 15 million inhabitants.

Fortunately, with the bdla-AK Ausbildungswesen an initiative of the bdla for the promotion of young talent in the profession of landscape architecture is in preparation.

Source: bdla association magazine "Landschaftsarchitekten" 3/2020

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