Executive committee meeting: online seminars, HOAI 2021, open space plan

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The six-member bdla presidium met for a virtual meeting on 15 January 2021. The subject of the exchange was, of course, also the impact of the pandemic on the association, its tasks and services for the members.

The Presidium decided that, in view of the pandemic, the Federal Association will not host any on-site events until at least the summer of 2021. Consequently, an online offer was decided for the Plant Planner Days. Thus, a half-day online event on plant use will be offered on both May 19 and 20, 2021. The 25th anniversary of the Construction Manager Meetings will not be celebrated until the beginning of 2022 in Bochum. With a bit of luck, the "physical" offers will start in September 2021 with the 13th bdla Business Forum and the 2nd Young Landscape Architecture Workshop in Hamburg, as well as with the Designer Days at the beginning of October in Berlin; the same applies, incidentally, to the awarding of the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2021.

The Federal Office was commissioned to develop online seminars in coordination with expert speakers and working groups and to place these as a fixed component of the service offer.
Jens Henningsen and Stephan Lenzen reported on the preparatory discussions with the legal advisor Dr. Sebastian Schattenfroh and Jörg Homann, bdla specialist spokesman for economics, on dealing with the new HOAI and the newly formulated bdla model contracts. Pleasing was the strong interest in the appropriate on-line seminar offer with nearly 300 participants. Frank Reschke informed about the successful start of the FRISCH-GRÜN21 competition and about the planned exhibition of young landscape architecture in the BUGA city of Erfurt in July 2021.

Gudrun Rentsch, among others, informed about suggestions from the working groups. A working group was requested to work on the topic of the open space design plan. The presidency followed the suggestion; the AG members are now nominated and a work program formulated.

Source: bdla association magazine "Landschaftsarchitekten" 1/2021

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