Presidium meeting: virtual for the time being, but bilingual

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The bdla presidium did not meet in the beautiful BUGA city of Erfurt on 18 June 2021, as had actually been planned, but once again (and hopefully for the last time) for a virtual meeting.

Once again, it was about the impact of the pandemic on the association's work. Against the background of the continuing Corona restrictions and the resulting severe limitations on participants, the Executive Committee decided that the bdla Federal Association will not hold any major events in 2021 in the presence of participants.

However, the popular bdla training courses, such as the Designer Days and the Business Forum, will be offered virtually and modified accordingly. The same applies to the 2nd Young Landscape Architecture Workshop, which will be "broadcast" on 21 September 2021. The postponement of the largest festive event of the bdla, the award of the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2021, weighs very heavily. This will now take place in Berlin in the first half of 2022.

For the field of action open space and sport the presidency spoke out for the establishment of a new working group. The topic is to be worked on in depth and options for action for the bdla are to be developed. Jens Henningsen will take over the direction of the AG.

The public relations work of the bdla is to become more international. With the help of new AI translation technology all contents of and are offered promptly automated bilingual. This will create an English-language stage for German landscape architecture with bilingual office profiles of freelance members, including over 2000 published projects. In a second step, the translation of all contents of the website of the German Landscape Architecture Award will follow.

Source: bdla association magazine "Landschaftsarchitekten" 3/2021

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