New assessors in the bdla presidium

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bdla President appoints Gudrun Rentsch, Kitzingen, and Franz Reschke, Berlin. Thanks to Andreas Kipar and Elisabeth Lesche

The bdla Presidium met for the first time in a new round on 3 May 2017 in Berlin. bdla President Till Rehwaldt welcomed Gudrun Rentsch, landscape architect bdla and urban planner, arc.grün | landschaftsarchitekten. stadtplaner. gmbh, Kitzingen, and Franz Reschke, landscape architect bdla, Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin, who were newly appointed to the committee by him.

Elisabeth Lesche, Munich, who was a member of the Executive Committee from 2014 to 2017, and Andreas Kipar, Milan, who had been a member of the Executive Committee since 2009, terminated their activities. Till Rehwaldt thanked both of them for their comprehensive commitment to the interests of the profession and the association as well as for their constructive cooperation in the presidium.

Gudrun Rentsch strengthens focus on landscape development in the bdla

Gudrun Rentsch's main areas of activity include landscape and environmental planning in all its facets - from classic municipal landscape planning to impact regulation and environmental assessments - as well as local planning tasks, primarily in rural regions of northern Bavaria.

Born in Stuttgart in 1966, she studied landscape management at Nürtingen University of Applied Sciences from 1986 to 1991. After four years with SEIB Ingenieur Consult in Würzburg, she switched to freelance work in 1995 and founded the planning office arc. grün Landschaftsarchitektur in Kitzingen with the landscape architect Thomas Wirth. In the meantime, together with her co-partners Ralph Schäffner and Thomas Wirth, she manages arc. grün landschaftsarchitekten. stadtplaner. gmbh, an interdisciplinary team with more than 20 landscape architects, urban planners, engineers, geographers and technical staff. In 1996, she joined the bdla; since 1998, she has represented the Bavarian regional association in the nationwide bdla working group on landscape planning. From 2002 to 2013, Gudrun Rentsch held the position of assessor on the board of bdla Bavaria.

"The appointment as an assessor in the bdla presidium encourages me to intensify the professional-political debate and to participate in the positioning of the profession, especially on issues of landscape development and rural areas, in close exchange in the association. More than ever, landscape needs an idea, forward-looking planning and an overall spatial approach. This is my concern and obligation at the same time", says Gudrun Rentsch about her appointment.

Franz Reschke is committed to strengthening the position of young offices and young ideas

After graduating from the TU Berlin in 2009 and working in Berlin offices for several years, Franz Reschke, born in 1982, began working as a freelance landscape architect in Berlin in 2011.

His work focuses on participating in competitions and working on projects in all phases. His constant aim is to find specific and differentiated answers within the framework of landscape architectural designs and to strengthen and develop the perception of a place from within. The Leipzig-born architect also conveyed this during his teaching activities at the Berlin University of the Arts (2010 to 2011) and his academic work at the TU Berlin, Department of Design and Object Planning (2013 to 2015). He has been a member of the bdla since 2014.

Franz Reschke sees his appointment to the bdla presidium as an opportunity to actively participate in the further development of the profession's profile as well as the framework conditions for landscape architects' work. "On the one hand, I consider the strengthening of the position of young offices in the planning and implementation of public open spaces to be very important," he explains. "Furthermore, in my view, competitions are an important means of ensuring building culture and innovation in practice. I see the strengthening of the competition system, the dialogue with the administrations as well as the qualification of our position in the context of urban planning and structural engineering tasks and cooperations as essential topics."

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