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Handout with information on implementation, scope of services and remuneration

The bdla has recently published the brochure "Überflutungsnachweis. On the services and remuneration for a proof of safety against flooding or for a controlled damage-free flooding of properties according to DIN 1986-100".

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Landscape architects have a key role to play in the development and implementation of climate adaptation strategies. Heat adaptation, stormwater management, sponge city principle are gaining importance, open spaces are becoming essential elements of green infrastructure.

Heavy rainfall events make it essential to protect structures and open spaces from damage caused by flooding. In order to ensure this, corresponding rules have been developed step by step and incorporated into DIN 1986-100. Accordingly, for properties with a drainage area of more than 800 square metres, proof of "safety against flooding or controlled, damage-free flooding" - the so-called flood proof - must be provided. In concrete terms, this means providing areas that can be flooded without damage or retention facilities for rainwater.

Landscape architects cannot avoid pointing out to their clients, as well as to the other parties involved in the planning process, the necessity of creating appropriate securities. Depending on the task, the property situation and the type of project, the coordination and scope of the individual services can involve a considerable amount of work.

With the new handout, the Association of German Landscape Architects provides explanations and assistance for all those involved in land design projects with regard to the associated services and the responsibilities within the structure of the specialist departments. Likewise, a comprehensible proposal for the remuneration of these services is presented.

The 30-page brochure is free of charge; the printed publication can be ordered from the bdla or is available online here.

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