Economic stimulation through innovation and building culture

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Planning and construction industry proposes four-point plan

In a four-point plan "Economic stimulation through innovation and building culture", 21 associations of the planning and construction industry, including the Association of German Landscape Architects bdla, have summarised their proposals for politicians to overcome the Corona crisis. On 26 May 2020, representatives of the Federal Chamber of Architects (BAK) and the Federal Foundation for Building Culture presented the plan to Anne Katrin Bohle, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Homeland.

"The planning and construction industry can help to create sustainable added value for society in the economic recovery that is now imminent, for example in the areas of mobility, digitalisation, housing or climate protection," said Reiner Nagel, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Foundation for Building Culture.

Among other things, it is a matter of implementing climate protection in construction terms. "Conjunctive measures should be directly linked to social and environmental concerns; here, the consequences of climate change are a priority." "Particularly in the case of internal developments, measures to improve acceptance and the environment should be implemented simultaneously to enhance the urban green and biodiversity in the residential environment."

Another point aims at strengthening public spaces. "The importance of public spaces has been brought into focus by the Corona crisis. The municipalities should be financially supported in qualifying these as recreational areas and places of social participation, communication and meeting for the population and developing them further in line with requirements. These investments are particularly effective in terms of the cost-benefit ratio and can be implemented in the short term."

Even if processes are to be accelerated due to the crisis, proven methods for quality assurance in building culture must be preserved. "Competition and participation procedures and the use of design advisory boards in building projects must be strengthened in a targeted manner in order to create and safeguard building cultural values for posterity."

BAK President Barbara Ettinger-Brinckmann stressed that "a requirement for quality and sustainability should be attached to every subsidy. In doing so, the public builder must act as a role model and invest specifically in the value of our built environment, both in urban and rural areas."

Four-Point Plan

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