Landscape Architects Handbook 2020-2021 published

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bdla membership directory with updated information on the professional association

It's here again, the annual Landscape Architects' Handbook published in August by the Association of German Landscape Architects.

On 244 pages in a handy A5 format, all facts and data concerning the professional association are summarized. In proven form and brought up to date, the Landscape Architects' Handbook 2020-2021 provides an overview of the structures and statutes of the association as well as its memberships. A separate chapter is dedicated to the results and publications from the German Landscape Architecture Award competition.

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The Service chapter contains the profile presentation "Landscape Architects - Planning for Man and Nature" and "Services - What the bdla offers its members". An updated bibliography completes the chapter.

Generously designed and updated, the Landscape Architects' Handbook 2020-2021 contains the directory of the approximately 1300 bdla members as well as the list of publicly appointed and sworn experts in the professional association. Furthermore, it provides information on educational institutions of landscape architecture, the international landscape architecture associations IFLA and IFLA-Europe, lists important authorities, associations and institutions of national standing.

The Landscape Architects' Handbook 2020-2021 is published by Patzer Verlag, Berlin/Hanover. The publication costs 17 euros (plus shipping); ISBN 978-3-87617-16146, see

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