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bdla calls for more support for local authorities

The foundation of our city centres, the retail trade, has been reduced by the increasing online trade in recent years. Pandemic and lockdown are accelerating the process.

"Future of inner cities" debated in the GermanBundestag
In the hearing of the German Bundestag on 13 January 2021 on the topic of "Future of inner cities" in the Committee for Building, Housing, Urban Development and Municipalities, the experts were concerned about the progressive change of inner cities and made demands on the federal government to save the town centres.

The bdla supports the demands to increase the funds for urban development. After all, our cities and their open spaces must be made resilient and fit for the future - after the pandemic, the municipalities need financial support from the federal government for this.

bdla recommendations for the federal government's inner city strategy
The professional association points out that, in addition to consumption, gastronomy, commercial rents and vacancy management, other fields of action must be taken into account when designing attractive, resilient city centres: The crucial task will be to actively shape the transformation of city centres and revitalise them. Urban models and planning concepts are needed that meet the needs of inner city residents and visitors for identification with the place, experience, authenticity and local characteristics.

Lehniner Platz, Berlin. Planning: häfner jiménez betcke jarosch landschaftsarchitektur gmbh. Photo: Hanns Joosten

Public spaces and green open spaces are perfect for combining authenticity, local characteristics, distinctive urban design and places for communication and contemplation. Urban culture and city dwellers only find their stages in contemporary, attractive open spaces.

Resilient and attractive inner cities require qualified, double inner development, the preservation and further development of urban green. Green-blue infrastructures as components of a resilient inner city should become part of the federal inner city strategy. Only if adaptation to climate change is successful, if heat island effects are reduced in the future and if inner cities are protected against heavy rain and temperature extremes will they remain liveable. Just like the paved areas, the elements necessary for this must be integrated into a good design concept.

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