Adieu Fritz! An obituary

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Fritz Erhard, landscape architect bdla in Lenggries, passed away on 6 March 2021.

Every time he called, he answered in the same way: "Hello, it's me, Fritz". That's how he was.
Neatly Bavarian, in his dialect relaxed, but determined. If it got complicated, then closer to High German. But: always in a good mood, witty and good-hearted.

At the same time, he was always busy, constantly working on exciting and interesting projects in the office and also on expert tasks, occasionally writing a commentary or a publication, speaking plainly in seminars and at court or arbitration hearings. Whenever Fritz Erhard took the floor, he was thoroughly prepared and presented his thoughts convincingly. One noticed immediately: there is substance behind it, there is a lot of knowledge.

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His career was solid in the best sense of the word: an apprenticeship as a gardener at the age of 16, followed by several years as an assistant in landscaping / tree nursery. At 26 he graduated with distinction from the FH Weihenstephan. After 13 years with the Hansjakobs, lastly as office and project manager, in 1984 came his step into successful freelance years with an office in Pöcking on Lake Starnberg.

After more than 20 years as a member of HOAI expert committees in the Bavarian Chamber of Architects, in the Federal Chamber of Architects and as a bdla expert spokesman for fees and contracts (1996 to 2000), this was only logical. From 2004 onwards, his valuable input in the AHO expert commissions "Planning of Open Spaces" and "Design and Construction in Existing Contexts". In 2008 he was publicly appointed and sworn in as an expert for "production and maintenance in landscaping". In addition to teaching assignments and numerous lectures and advanced training courses, his knowledge was also in demand in the Professional Court of Architects of Bavaria as an honorary judge at the Higher Regional Court (1995-2010), since 2014 as a member of the arbitration committee and since 2017 in the competence team "Fees" of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects.

The further special strength emanating from him resulted from his deep attachment to his Bavarian homeland, in particular the Isarwinkel and the Karwendel. where he spent his childhood and youth. With the relocation of his office to Lenggries in 2008, he was then back home with his own.

And there, too, his competent view of things was appreciated. We do not know much about his work as a nature conservation advisor in the DAV section Lenggries, in the nature conservation advisory board of the district Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen or his commitment to local history in his community. But, who knows him, suspects that he also acted in these functions with a lot of passion and commitment.

Not to count the many mountain tours he prepared and led for the DAV section Lenggries. To these he subordinated all professional, judicial and private appointments.

And who knew about his zither, a collector's item of special quality. Brilliantly he played on it melodies of different alpine valleys, all special, all tradition-laden, cultural asset, which he maintained, which it is necessary to maintain.

And in between, a short trip to the front door, skating 10 km on the cross-country track, on the bike, by ski or on foot up the mountains and into the valleys of the surrounding area. Fritz was as fit as a fiddle.

His family at his side, his wife Rosemarie and their two sons, he always kept on their toes with this workload and in his own way. And yet always knew that his special life journey would not have been possible without that security and support.

On March 6, 2021, Fritz Erhard ended this earthly journey at the age of 76. We extend our deepest sympathy to his loved ones.

He was, as we say, one of us. I will always remember his voice. As I'm sure many of us will.

The time spent together with him will remain. Adieu Fritz!

Dieter Pfrommer

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