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Student internships at Information for students and landscape architecture offices

The shortage of skilled workers is also becoming more acute in landscape architecture. That is why the topic of recruiting new talent has a central place in the current association work of the bdla. Among other things, it is necessary to start with school students and to advertise for a student internship in a planning office. It is a low-threshold offer and the first contact can be the impulse for the occupation with landscape architecture, one of the most exciting planning disciplines with diverse development possibilities.

FridaysForFuture rally in the Invalidenpark in Berlin on 22 March 2019. Photo: Leonhard Lenz, Wikimedia, License: CC0 1.0

Within the website, a landing page for schoolchildren was developed that provides insight into the profession's tasks in a student-friendly manner and places its expertise in the context of current climate debates ("Fridays for Future"). The profession and its green aspects in particular are presented briefly and concisely. An extensive picture gallery presents the many facets of the profession in emotional pictures and short texts. Interested students receive concrete information on the profession of landscape architect and on student internships in planning offices. Contents of different architect chambers are offered for the download. With the planning office search on offices in the proximity can be found.

Information for pupils:

Information for planning offices
A second target group is the planning offices themselves. On a separate page, they are provided with valuable tips and handouts for the implementation of student internships, including legal issues. Here, among other things, material from the Employment Agency is used. In future, the site can also be used as a collection of materials, e.g. for "best practice" ideas for student placements in the planning office, so that these are experienced as an enriching experience.

Information for offices (in german):

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