Award of planning services below the EU threshold value

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bdla presents sample tender documents

A large proportion of public contracts for planning services are below the EU threshold. Both sides, the contracting authorities and the planning offices, are dependent on the correct execution of the contract awards. In principle, the Sub-Threshold Regulation (UVgO) applies, in particular the prohibition of discrimination, the transparency requirement and the documentation obligation.

Professional practice has shown that it would be desirable to have concrete recommendations for the implementation of the award of planning services. In order to maintain legal certainty and to make the process more effective for the contracting authorities and the bidders, it makes sense to simplify and standardise the procedures. The bdla has therefore drawn up "Recommendations for the award of freelance landscape architectural / landscape planning services below the EU threshold value".

The recommendations are intended to serve as a working instrument and guideline and to provide assistance to clients and planning offices. They are to be adapted to the respective project and task. Depending on the complexity and volume of the project, the criteria can be reduced. In the interests of quality assurance, competition on price alone should be avoided for planning services.

The recommendations consist of the following sample forms:
- Part A, procedural conditions (docx file)
- Part B, description of services (docx file)
- Part C, contract documents (docx file)
- Part D, price sheet (xlsx file)
- Part E, bid form (docx file)

The documents are offered by the bdla for free download.

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